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Justiney Joy Calore

CEO & Founder

Hi! My name is Justiney Calore. Born and raised in Miami, I come from a large Cuban family. Being one of six siblings, I always felt the power of having a family to support me. Since I was a little girl I used to tell myself when I get older I wanted to create and lead my own clothing line. 


Now, as a grown woman, I decided to take a leap of faith and actually pursue the dream I always had on my heart. After deciding to leave my career in finance, which I went to school for, I decided to not stay with what felt comfortable and go after what fueled my soul. I genuinely love serving people, I love fitness, and I love fashion. I thought what better way of combining all that I love into a brand that emphasized fitness apparel. 


Fashion is my creative outlet while fitness is a big part of my life. I grew up always involved with athletics. I have always understood the importance of taking care of your personal health but I also know how many people I care about simply don’t know where to start. This is why we created Casa Calore.


We believe if you want to change your life, it starts with YOU. We want to create a brand that feels real. Anything you’re pursuing, we want these clothes to be the symbol of your victorious journey. We want the content we create to add value to your fitness, health, and faith journey. We want to be on this journey with you. This is my dream come true. 

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Andrew Calore

CEO & Founder


Hey family! My name is Andrew Calore. I was born & raised in Bergen County, NJ so naturally I come from a passionate Italian-American blue collar family. Hard work was instilled into my DNA as a young kid. My parents taught me to put the work in and you’ll get the results you’re looking for. Nothing is given and everything is earned. I carry those lessons with me as I’ve grown. 


    Growing up in the northeast, I went through many seasons, and each season brings new obstacles. There were many days that I'd wake up and not feel like taking on the day, but if I wanted to survive I had no other choice than to keep showing up. I learned that being consistent and confident in the abilities I was blessed with would allow me to be placed into positions to succeed. I wanted to do more than simply survive, I wanted to thrive!


    Today, I now reside in Miami, Florida with my goregous wife Justiney, where the seasons aren’t as vast but the lessons I carry with me still hold more truth than ever before. I've always had the desire to inspire through my many creative outlets. I've always been a believer in how you look, ultimately sets the tone for how you feel and essentially how you perform. That's what I love most about fashion. Your outfit can influence both outlook and outcome.


 As a former athletic trainer for NCAA D1 and NFL teams, I have accumulated years of experience within the health and fitness industry, but I now seek to take on the next venture of my life as a young business owner while navigating through both the fitness and fashion industries. As the road ahead may be unknown, I do know for what I stand for. I am excited to bring my experiences, creativity, and personality into fashionable quality clothing. 

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