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Core Values

Serving People: We don't just sell products, we serve people. We are in the service industry. People are our priority. We are committed to others.

Excellence: Perfection is unattainable but progress is undeniable. We believe excellence should be our attitude. We want to provide excellence, from our products to our service.  

Community: Community doesn't exist without U+N+I. Alone you may go far, but together we can go further faster. It takes a community to conquer challenges. 

Confidence: Who you are is who we want. We are each designed with specific gifts. We are all uniquely created on purpose for a purpose. We believe we aren't meant to fit in but instead to stand out. Be confident in your authentic self. 

Consistency: Consistency conquers all. If you want to be great in anything, be consistent. We are all in, moving forward, no going back. We are in it for the long run. What we commit to today will determine our tomorrow.

Courageous: We choose to endure over what may be easy. We don't allow a situation to tell our story. We believe our outcome is determined by our outlook. We carry a courageous spirit into each day  


CALORE is a house name that is dedicated to serving those who are more focused on who they're becoming rather than where they've been. We are focused on progress not perfection. 

Our mission is to merge comfort and style through quality clothing in order to experience a sense of confidence throughout your fitness journey. 

How you feel is often inspired by how you look, so what you clothe yourself with matters. 

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